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Dr Anita Lamprecht  International Lawyer⎢Metaverse and FutureLaw Lecturer

Dr Anita Lamprecht
International Lawyer⎢Metaverse and FutureLaw Lecturer

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Women & Tech

THIS is the time to create a better future.

Technology is transforming our world.

The world is changing in an unprecedented way and pace. Emerging digital technologies such artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are among the main drivers of this development. Open AI tools are promising democratization of AI by giving access to them to everyone. A blockchain based web 3 is built on the ideas of digital ownership, portability, and transparency. And the Metaverse is the next step in the way how we humans interact in the world wide web.


Coding social regression?

The hopes are high that this development will empower women. However, research has already shown the opposite tendency. One example is the Metaverse. Despite a high female engagement on Metaverse platforms, men hold 90 % of the leadership roles and receive 90 % of funding.(McKinsey) Resulting in a massive underrepresentation in the governance of our future. Without female representation, issues as violence and discrimination will push women from the emerging markets and consequently worsen the existing gender gap.


The situation even becomes more delicate in the face of encoded bias into AI systems.

22% of the global AI workers are women.

44%  of 133 analyzed AI systems across industries are gender biased.

73% of women journalists from 125 countries had fallen victim to online violence during their work. (UN Women)


Power on. Elevating women beyond feminism.

The inclusion of women is vital for a positive development of our future.

In 2023 UN Women is «calling on governments, activists and the private sector to power on in their efforts to make the digital world safer, more inclusive and more equitable.»


Rolemodel Rebels share the UN’s believe that this is the time to create a better future. By elevating women and girls, we are creating a positive impact for all of humanity and life on Earth. The question is how?


Elevate with knowledge. Digital literacy.

The first step to creating opportunity is by providing education. We want to help women in their transition from the current web to web 3 and beyond. By explaining the basics and welcoming questions, we lay the foundation for upskilling. By introducing women to no-code AI tools, we help them to overcome technological barriers. Such tools hold a massive chance for women by enabling everyone to bring their ideas to life.


Elevate through human-centric matchmaking.

Due to the pace of change, companies need to design human-centric job profiles that allow women to join and remain in the workforce. By establishing a partnership with companies, we provide our women with the basic knowledge needed on the one hand. And support companies finding their future female workers. Elevating both stakeholders.


Elevate mutually in an international network.

Most of all, women need to become part of a strong network. Study after study reveal that women fall behind due to a lack of valuable networks. Considering the challenges ahead, the exclusion of women has grown into a personal matter of all stakeholders. It is no longer about personal fate or feminism, but about humanity and life on Earth.


Join us.


Author: Dr Anita Lamprecht


The copyrights of this article remain with the author.

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