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 Sudha Kheterpal Pitch Coaching Expert & Musician (The Spice Girls & Faithless )



Pitch & Transformational Coach - The Pitch Coach

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Her Story

Introducing Sudha: The Rockstar Coach!


Get ready to be inspired by Sudha, an extraordinary coach with a remarkable background. For over 30 years, Sudha has electrified audiences as a world-class musician, sharing the stage with legendary bands like The Spice Girls, Faithless, and Dido. However, Sudha's journey to headlining renowned venues such as Glastonbury and Madison Square Garden was far from easy.

As a shy introvert, Sudha had to overcome her personal challenges and acquire tools and techniques to perform at the highest level. It was during one of her shows, where she witnessed the power of music to bring people together, that she had an epiphany. This led her to launch a music-tech product, utilizing the influence of music for social good. Sudha's entrepreneurial spirit ignited, and she ventured into the world of start-ups as a founder.

In this new realm, Sudha encountered the harsh reality of failure, experienced the secret ingredients of success, and learned the art of pitching to Angels and venture capitalists. These invaluable lessons fueled her passion to help individuals raise funds with a bulletproof methodology that has aided thousands in raising over €400 million. Moreover, Sudha is committed to assisting individuals in breaking through their own barriers, empowering them to fearlessly express themselves and command attention on the global stage.


Individuals, C-suite leaders, and companies from all corners of the world seek out Sudha's guidance to amplify their pitching skills, captivate audiences, and unleash their inner superstars. Sudha's unique blend of musical expertise, entrepreneurial insights, and coaching acumen makes her an exceptional mentor who helps individuals realize their full potential, both in business and in life. Prepare to be inspired as Sudha guides you on a transformative journey, enabling you to rock your pitches, conquer the stage, and unleash your inner badass.

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