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Judith Nkwopara

Founder at Judy Women Empowerment and Development Initiative, nonprofit, G100 Country Chair, DEI, Mission Impact Leadership Alumna, Advisory Board Member

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Her Story

Building a Brighter Future:
How JUWEDI Empowers Women in Nigeria

Across Nigeria, a generation of women is rising. Fueled by ambition and a desire to break free from societal constraints, they are reshaping their destinies and transforming their communities. At the forefront of this movement is JUWEDI, an organization determined to dismantle barriers and unlock the immense potential within Nigerian women.

Their "Back-to-School Project" ensures girls receive an education, while their COVID-19 relief efforts provided vital support during a critical time.



Founded in 2019 by Judith Nkwopara, JUWEDI has blossomed from a grassroots initiative into a powerful force for change. With over 60 dedicated volunteers, they have implemented impactful programs that address the specific needs of women, particularly those in marginalized and rural areas.


JUWEDI's approach is multifaceted. Their "Back-to-School Project" ensures girls receive an education, while their COVID-19 relief efforts provided vital support during a critical time. Recognizing the importance of menstrual hygiene, JUWEDI tackles this often-overlooked issue through pad distribution and awareness campaigns. Additionally, they establish book clubs in schools and organize medical outreaches to remote communities, fostering intellectual and physical well-being.

But JUWEDI's impact extends beyond immediate needs. They offer business and leadership skills training, empowering women to become financially independent and entrepreneurial. Collaborations with organizations like the Nigerian Bottling Company and BH40 further equip women with practical skills for success.

JUWEDI understands that true empowerment transcends national borders. They envision a world where women globally are not defined by fear, but by their limitless potential. Their unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion fuels their advocacy for policy changes that create a more supportive environment for women in all professions.

JUWEDI's vision extends beyond simply empowering women; they envision a world transformed by a supportive global sisterhood. They actively work to build this network, dismantling barriers and paving the way for a brighter future for all women and girls.

JUWEDI's story is one of hope, resilience, and the unwavering belief in the power of collective action. Their call to action is a call to humanity – to join them in creating a peaceful and sustainable world where every woman can thrive. By supporting JUWEDI's mission, we invest not just in the future of Nigerian women, but in the future of us all.

Judith Nkwopara studied Biochemistry, holds a national diploma in petroleum engineering. She later delved into the study of African history through the lens of Economics, a program she did at the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development in conjunction with London Business School. Passionate about girls and women, Judith founded the Judy Women Empowerment and Development Initiative (JUWEDI), an initiative that empowers women to grow confident, maximize their full potentials by turning their talents, passion and ideas into reality.


At JUWEDI, grassroot sensitization on equity and equality for women is paramount, and we have completed a number of projects to that effect. JUWEDI projects have attracted a lot of attention nationally and internationally, leading to their being featured in first publication of Women of the Future in Miami, Florida and 4i Mag Meet the Talent. In addition, Judith is the CEO of Green Age Lifestyle. In recognition of her career in activism, Judith serves as Global G100 Nigeria country chair on Equity and Equality, gender activist honorary advisory board member at Global Elmihra Mundi Limited. She is also a Member of the Young African Leaders Initiative Network, a Mentor at Goal Women Africa, a Global Leadership alumna of Mission Impact Academy, The Voices Network Ambassador and a BH40 Partner in Nigeria.

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