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Bettina Bachmann Energy Expert | Board Member | TechnologyCatalogue | Women-in-Tech

Dr. Bettina Bachmann

Managing Director, TwoB Consulting GmbH

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A successful career – that means different things to different people at different times!

My concept of a successful career was evolving over time, and while my values remained the same throughout, my interests and priorities changed, just like the world around me was changing.

Looking back, my 4 Tips for a successful career would be:

  • Try to get your first job with a top company, one that you admire. There you can learn from the best, get interesting challenges and it will always look great in your CV!

  • Delivery is key, so make sure you are absolutely clear about what is expected from you and communicate regularly about progress.

  • Take ownership of your personal development and line up support from your partner, employer, networks etc. Learning new skills, both technical and leadership, is fun and a wonderful investment in your future.

  • Be flexible and have the courage to try different jobs/companies/countries until you find out what you are really good at – usually, that is also what you enjoy most, and then you will be unstoppable!

Delivery is key



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