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Anna-Lena von Hodenberg

Hate Aid - CoFounder

NGO that promotes human rights in digital

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Her Story

For years, we have seen how digital violence endangers democracy: people are insulted and threatened because they speak their minds or are politically engaged. When Anna-Lena von Hodenberg realized that in many cases this was no coincidence, but that there was a strategy behind it – often used by right-wing and right-wing extremist actors – she knew that she had to do something about it.


Determined to make a difference, Anna-Lena founded the non-profit organisation called Hate Aid. Hate Aidpromotes human rights in the digital space and stands up against digital violence and its consequences at both social and political levels. To this end, the organisation provides direct counselling and legal support in cases of digital violence and raises awareness of problems in politics and society. 's mission was to combat hate and discrimination through education, outreach, and support for victims. Anna-Lena poured her heart and soul into the organisation, working tirelessly to build a network of volunteers and supporters.

Hate Aid's mission was to combat hate and discrimination through education, outreach, and support for victims.



Despite facing pushback from some members of her community, Anna-Lena remainsed steadfast in her commitment to making a difference. She organised rallies, led workshops, and provided resources for victims of hate crimes. Her passion and dedication inspired others to join the cause, and Hate Aid quickly became a force to be reckoned with. The organisation sets up high-visibility campaigns, conducts landmark cases, gives workshops, and provides resources for those affected by digital violence. Anna-Lena's organisation continues to grow, and today she is a well-respected advocate for human rights.

here to make the digital world a positive place for everyone.
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