Rolemodel Rebels

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The Idea

Unlike men, young women lack networks. Rolemodel Rebels aims to create a platform where young women can network with successful Rolemodels who have the most diverse professional backgrounds. Become part of a community that enables you to find your professional path and get the support of all members - become a member at an international group of female leaders, female founders, and entrepreneurs alike.

About Rolemodel Rebels

Rolemodel Rebels was created by Petra Arends-Paltzer, European Woman of Legal Tech and founder of the Davos Digital Forum. A group of more than 100 international women mentors, growing every day, is the most important part of Rolemodel Rebels. These female mentors support young women on their career paths. Rolemodel Rebels in turn is supported by companies that sponsor applicants and their mentors.


Mentors Lounge

Mentors with various professions including new digital and technical ones are part of the Rolemodel Lounge


Network Society

Women who want to be inspired by international Rolemodels and get advice and build their own career


Business Partner

Companies support Rolemodel Rebels and give insight into extraordinary career opportunities

Ein Spaziergang durch Paris

The importance of women networks and why you should join

Join a network that offers exclusive connections between female business leaders, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs on an international scale.

We will support you at different points in your career so that you can reach your fullest potential by creating more avenues of opportunities, challenging your thinking, and exploring new possibilities to reach your career goals.

Rolemodel Rebels provides a platform for career advancements for women in all industries and backgrounds.


Access network

Access to an international network that no LinkedIn in the world can offer


Members only

Meet the Rolemodel you've always wanted to talk to and get support in developing your career


Business Ecosystem

Be coached today to become a mentor in our own right and give back to the next generation


Dr. Julia Freudenberg


I believe that every kid, especially every girl should try their hand at coding at least once before choosing a job. I like to support young girls and women and this is why I am mentor @Rolemodel Rebels.

CEO Hackerschool

Dr. Sara Ramadan


Rolemodel Rebels will empower women to work in the modern technology industry so that they will play an important role in bridging the gap between the medical education process and the practical experience


Dr. Grazia Frontoso


My mentorship approach: listen first, promote our joint conversation, and stimulate reflection. Rolemodels Rebel offers a space to connect, reflect, discuss, and come up with creative approaches to challenges and opportunities.

Customer Engineer Google Cloud

Urška Jež


Many coaching programs for young women are exclusively technology, IT and Data related but Rolemodel Rebels includes not only the most diverse but they also connect cross industries.

Founder Transformation Lighthouse

Katja Hinz


Rolemodel Rebels - not preaching, but practicing! Their very existence is confirmation of possibilities you must dare to dream of.

Attorney Labor Law

Claudia Mendes Silva


Rolemodel Rebels goes beyond IT. It's a program that also focuses on you and your humanity.

Women in Tech Ambassador

How to build your business & career