Rolemodel Rebels
An exclusive network of women, leaders and aspirers, propelling each other

What we do

Rolemodel Rebels is an international, cross-professional platform connecting women throughout their careers with mentors, learning opportunities and networks to support their professional growth.


Masterclasses, group coaching and industry training, geared to develop your professional skills set and build your technical expertise across a wide range of professions.


Together with our partners we offer exclusive programs, events and connections to career opportunities.


Our mentor program is run with professionals with diverse career backgrounds. You will be connected with the right mentor to meet you where you are at and support you to build your next career steps.

Rolemodel Rebels is for women aspiring to lead, at any stage of their career, across all industries.

Become a member

While you can access our masterclasses as a non-member for one-off fees, as a member you have access to our network, group coaching and industry events.


Our network is handpicked, we create exclusive connections for you to reach your fullest professional potential.


Our masterclasses and coaching sessions cater to support you at different points in your career to develop your skills set, build more avenues of opportunities, challenge your thinking and build your network. 

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