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What we do

Rolemodel Rebels is an international career development platform supporting women throughout their careers with access to professional development tools, courses and networks to enable them to build thriving careers.

The Rolemodel Rebels Job Series

We get together with career trailblazers to host webinars that discuss current workplace trends and the sought-after jobs of the moment. We're joined by HR experts and people actually doing the jobs to give you insights into how to apply, the skill set you need and what to expect in your day-to-day.
A MUST follow series. Did we mention it's free? Follow our LinkedIn page to find out when the next session is. 


We are an international network of 1'500+ professionals, across 40 industries, and almost as many countries. Members can access the network of peers via the members chat forum to learn from each other and build strong relationships in various industries.


You can build your own professional learning journey tailored to your needs and interested. Book coaching session with our role models via a micro advisory portal.

Coming in 2023

Coming in 2023: New industry training courses. Short courses split into 3 sessions, focused on New Work trends, designed with our Rolemodel experts to give you the knowledge to build your technical expertise across a wide range of professions.

Rolemodel Rebels is for women aspiring to lead, at any stage of their career, across all industries.

Become a member

As a member you can make connections via our members hub with trailblazing women from across the world. Our industry training courses are free for members and access to our learning platform, where we house past webinars and courses is also exclusive to members.


It's free to become a member!...Yep... we did say that.


Thanks to our partners there is no cost involved in becoming a member at present. We are here to help you make the most of your career, so it works for you!


Sign up now to get access to the network, the courses and the coaches you need.


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