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Dr.Sara Saeed Khurram A digital health care Leader,Influencer and Innovator

Dr.Sara Saeed Khurram

CEO - Sehat Kahani

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Her Story

Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram was a passionate physician who had always dreamed of providing healthcare services to underserved communities in Pakistan. She knew that access to quality healthcare was a significant challenge, particularly for women, and was determined to make a difference.


As she began her career, Dr. Khurram noticed a peculiar trend among female doctors in Pakistan. Many of them were unable to practise medicine after getting married, as their families expected them to prioritise their role as wives and mothers. This led to a phenomenon known as the "doctors bride," where women were forced to choose between their personal lives and their careers.

Sehat Kahani,

a telemedicine platform

that connects female doctors with underserved communities



Determined to challenge this cultural expectation, Sara  founded Sehat Kahani, a telemedicine platform that connects female doctors with underserved communities. Through the platform, female doctors can provide medical advice and prescriptions to patients via video consultations, allowing them to practise medicine while also fulfilling their family obligations.


Sehat Kahani has been a game-changer for women's healthcare in Pakistan. It has provided female doctors with a platform to practise medicine, regardless of their marital status, and has given patients access to quality healthcare services they otherwise might not have received.

Sara’s work has not only improved access to healthcare in Pakistan but has also challenged cultural norms and expectations. She has shown that women can be both successful doctors and wives, and that their contributions to society are equally important in both roles. Today, Sara is celebrated as a digital healthcare leader, and Sehat Kahani has expanded to reach communities across Pakistan. Her dedication to using technology to improve healthcare and challenge cultural expectations has made a significant impact on the lives of many, and she continues to be an inspiration to women across the country. She is our Rolemodel of the month


In her masterclass for Rolemodel Rebels she shared her experience and key lessons learnt building a telemedicine platform to provide basic health care in Pakistan.

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