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Dr. Petra



Petra is an experienced banker and lawyer and has specialized in the area of digitalization. Founder of Co-Founder of For these efforts she received in 2018 the award “Woman of Legal Tech 2018” and in 2020 she was also awarded "European Woman of Legal Tech".

She has a deep understanding and extensive knowledge in the current digital marketplaces and landscapes, especially in Legal; Gov + Reg Tech.

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Dr. Anita Lamprecht

Future Law and Partner

Dr. Anita Lamprecht is an international lawyer with extensive expertise in the emerging field of Metaverse and FutureLaw. As a Metaverse and FutureLaw lecturer, she is well-versed in the legal implications of emerging technologies and will be an asset to our team as we navigate the rapidly evolving world of web 3. Her expertise in this field will help us identify new opportunities and navigate potential legal challenges.

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Anupa Dasgupta
Strategy and Service Design and Partner

Anupa is a  service designer with a background in design strategy. She approach problem solving and opportunity usage by using a mix of human, design, tech and business frameworks. Her recent passion for web 3 was promoted by the ethos of active ownership and participation of people in a service, community or context. She is the co founder of Huddle Dao, a nurse led web 3 initiative


Anupa is leading the repositioning of Rolemodelrebels via strategy and service design.

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