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Find your coach


Perhaps you know what you need to work on; a new skill set, a new business plan. Or, you need a mentor on call to help guide, and push you, in the right direction to make things happen!


Here you can build your own professional learning journey tailored to your needs and interests. You can book an exploratory session with any of our Rolemodels on our partner micro advisory portal, Hallo Sophia.


Rolemodel Rebel members get their first session for free with any of our affiliated experts. Once you have found the right coach, or mentor, or both, you build your learning programme with them.

Search for coaches and mentors

Head over to our online portal and search for mentors that are experts in the field you are interested in. for example: career guidance or legal. 

Booking a session

Once you have decided who you would like to connect with you will be shown their available time slots, of which you can choose up to 3. Your coach will confirm the one that is most convenient and an invitation will be sent to both of you. The Hallo Sophia platform "hosts" the meeting in a virtual meeting room - no need for you to do any thing else asie from prep for your meeting and connect on time on the day.  

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Rolemodel Coaching


These coaching and business services are fee-based but already come with a discount for Rolemodel Rebel members. You can find services offered as standard packages, for example, financial or legal advice or you can contact a Rolemodel Rebel affiliated expert to provide you with a personalised micro-advisory service. For example, personalised business strategy development or a series of career caching sessions. The coaching content and fees are negotiated between you and the Rolemodel directly - we do not take any commission or get involved with the design of the coaching sessions, we just facilitate your professional growth, connecting you to this fabulous network of truly inspirational women. 

Ready? Get started!

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