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Become a Rolemodel

If you are someone who is passionate about working with and helping other people, then we’re looking for you, Rolemodel!

  • Do you have over 10+ years of experience in your professional career?

  • Are you interested in sharing your expertise?

  • Would you like to support other women to fulfil their potential and overcome their career challenges?

  • Do you love the thought of creating a masterclass, hosting a discussion session or group coaching?


We want to year from you!

Get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page.

Our community

We are an international, cross-professional platform connecting women throughout their careers with learning resources, coaching opportunities and networks to support their professional growth.

Our network is handpicked to ensure we can provide members and Rolemodels with the resources they need to thrive professionally. 

As a Rolemodel you will form part of our network of ambitious and successful professionals supporting women to achieve their professional goals. 

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Across all sectors, communities and societies, women have key contributions to make to leadership.


Rolemodel Rebels exists to support women to claim their space in leadership and decision-making within their profession.

Rolemodel Mentors


As a Rolemodel you join our volunteer mentor program. To support our members with the pro-bono mentoring they need to reach their full professional potential. Rolemodels can also access career support and mentoring from your peers through this program.

As part of this program Rolemodels offer complimentary 30 minute power mentor sessions to our members. You can also access this benefit - learning in life never stops; learning new things enables us to grow. 


The Rolemodel Mentor Program

  • Helps members to develop self awareness and recognise and harness their own inner talents.

  • Shares  experience to improve the mentee's competence in a chosen field

  • Provides a sounding board and guidance for the mentee in life or a career.

Coaching & offering services


As a Rolemodel you can promote your services and/or coaching packages to our members. This is an initiative created together with our partner Hallo Sophia. 

  • Act as a facilitator and support members to achieve what she has set out for her next career or business move.

  • Introduce members to various tools and techniques for her own self empowerment.

  • Promote and sell your services and gain professional contracts.

  • Help Rolemodel Rebel members to find their career/ business purpose.

Rolemodel Membership

Rolemodels are provided with complimentary access to our network and events. Connect with peers, network, find a mentor too and keep flying in your career.


Rolemodels can promote services on our coaching platform to gain new clirnts and promote to a new market. You also form part of our volunteer mentor program. 

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Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram
Dolly Daou - min.jpeg
Antje Rey min.jpg
Our Rolemodels


Are hand-picked, from diverse professional backgrounds to ensure we can connect you and our members with the right network to build your next career steps.


Dr.Sara Khurram


Telemedicine entrepreneur - founder of Sehat Kahani to improve basic health care for women in communities.

Design Management

Dr. Dolly Daou


Expert in the fields of interior architecture and urbanism with design managements and strategies, especially in the food business.

Engineer & Patent Attorney


Dr.Antje Rey


Will report how to survive in a mechanical engineering environment and become a successful patent attorney.

Become a Rolemodel
Empower women to reach their career goals. 

If you are passionate about supporting women to fulfil their potential, you're our Rolemodel Rebel!

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