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Rolemodel Rebels provides a platform where you can be guided through your career journey and receive nuggets of insights. As a member you can apply to receive personalized mentoring and coaching from women leaders. 


Your membership includes ten 30 minute power sessions with a mentor of your choosing. Via our member's platform, created together with our partner Hallo Sophia, you can book mentor sessions choosing from over 200 Rolemodels. You can also develop a personalised coaching program tailored to your needs via our member's platform.

What can you expect from a Rolemodel?

Our Rolemodels won’t tell you how to run your business or what to do next in your career. They will share their personal experience and give you feedback. Rolemodels will make suggestions to help you think through different options, but they won’t make decisions for you. Your Rolemodel acts as a guide to help you  decide what is best for you and your career.

Having a Rolemodel can boost your career

  1. Rolemodels share their experiences and connect you with people who can help you move your career and/or business forward.

  2. They can help you create a business plan, think through strategies, and crunch numbers.

  3. Rolemodels use their experiences to help you avoid common mistakes and show you how to overcome potential problems.

  4. They will help you stay focused on your goals and hold you accountable for your vision.

  5. Rolemodels provide support by acting as a sounding board, offering constructive criticism when necessary, and being your advocate.

How to Find Your Rolemodel

We make it easy to find a Rolemodel who will encourage you and offer support. Members have full access to our database of experts. You can browse their CVs and reach out to as many as you like. You have 10 complimentary power mentor sessions available with full membership. 

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Our members can access our coaching platform. Together with our partner, Hallo Sophia, we have an array of coaching sessions on offer provided by our mentors. We have over 200 Rolemodels; women leading in their fields from tech to finance, arts to development.


On our member's platform you can access courses to cater to your profession and career stage. For example, we offer personalised business strategy to more technical courses focusing on deep tech, finance, law, fundraising. 

Our members receive discounts and access to exclusive offers, courses and industry coaching sessions.


Non-members can access the courses available for one-off fees. 

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Not a member yet? 

Members can access all our events and resources for the equivalent of $27 per month. We host over 30 per year!


You form part of our network where you connect with peers and Rolemodels, you can chat and connect via the member's hub.


Your memberships also provides you with 10 free mentor sessions with our 200+ professionals and complimentary access to all masterclasses, events and industry training.


Simply fill out the membership application form. 

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Got questions about finding a mentor or a coach, we're here to help.  

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