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Our expert network

We believe in the power of women’s solidarity.

We know that in strengthening women’s networks and coalitions we can enable more women to claim leadership and therefore build an equal and equitable professional world, and society.

As a member you will have access to our international, cross-professional database to build the connections and professional relationships you need to succeed. Joining Rolemodel Rebels means you will network and learn with purpose.


Our professional network is for members only. Built with leaders from diverse professional backgrounds we provide you with an exclusive, global, equative network to support you with the skills you need to build your career.

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Investing in yourself means enacting a plan to increase your value by taking it to the next level. Prepare yourself for the future; network and learn with purpose.

Connect & Learn

Once a member you can connect and chat to other members who are also in our network via our exclusive member's chat forum. Our members are spread across the globe. You will be able to meet peers that can support you, and you them, in building your professional network.

All members have access to our professional learning platform, run together with our partner Sophia. Members can book complimentary 30 minutes sessions with any Rolemodel Rebel expert. You can then build your own personalised professional learning and development program with our experts tailored to your needs. 

Our Experts

Rolemodel Rebels experts are hand-picked, from diverse professional backgrounds to ensure that with Rolemodel Rebels you find the right coach and mentor to meet you where you are at and support you to build your next career steps.

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